Icon Motif

Orthodox Icons, Monuments, and Embroideries

V. Rev. Andrew and Galina Tregubov

(603) 542-6273

We accept commissions for original icons, monuments, murals,

embroidered shrouds and banners


Fr. Andrew’s Portfolio

Outdoor Frescos

Note on materials: KEIM silicate paint and coatings are made of waterglass and inorganic natural mineral pigments, combined using KEIM technology offer unsurpassed beauty and protection that lasts for decades.

KEIM silicate paints naturally compliments the mineral physics of mineral surfaces such as concrete, masonry, stone, CMU block, brick, stucco, renders, magnesium oxide MgO boards, fiber-cement boards, drywall boards and all types of mineral substrates—even previously painted mineral substrates.

Although KEIM invented the first potassium silicate mineral paint in 1878, the past 130 years have been full of development and innovation. KEIM continues to lead the industry in silicate mineral technologies with unique renovation renders, plasters, and mortars.